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"Anxiety" Tee - Navy

"Anxiety" Tee - Navy

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Do you like jiujitsu? Same here. Do you like competing in jiujitsu? FUCK NO. I lost track of the amount of times I signed up to compete and dreaded every single moment in the lead up to it. Once you slap hands and start losing, though, all that anxiety goes away and you're actually having a great time. But every moment up until that? I didn't even know I could go to the toilet 400 times and not turn into a dried up husk of a human being!

Note: This is an "OVERSIZED" tee. Meaning it is fashionable AF. It also means it's quite big, so order regular size if you are fashionable, or order a size down if you want it to fit like your Dad's t-shirt.

100% cotton heavyweight oversized shirt, printed in the UK.

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