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"Winning is for Losers" Tee - White

"Winning is for Losers" Tee - White

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Listen, winning is hard. We get that. That's why we decided that Winning is for Losers. Winning is SO boring. Oh wow great you're the best at something, congratulations now shut up about it. Ooh, you moved your legs a bit quicker than the other person and ran across an imaginary line, amazing. It's incredible that for a few seconds you were slightly tougher than the other guy and managed to edge out a points win by flopping on the floor then quickly standing up then flopping on the floor again. It's amazing how well your foot kicked that ball and it went over the line more times than the other person did, truly, truly incredible. Now shut up.

Note: This is an "OVERSIZED" tee. Meaning it is fashionable AF. It also means it's quite big, so order regular size if you are fashionable, or order a size down if you want it to fit like your Dad's t-shirt.

100% cotton heavyweight oversized shirt, printed in the UK.

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