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'InactiveWear' Hoody

'InactiveWear' Hoody

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Unathletic InactiveWear, for when you absolutely positively have to do literally nothing except lounge around thinking about what a massively uncool loser you are. 

The main thing about this hoody is that it's super comfy, loose fitting, and has a really witty front print on it that says UNATHLETIC DEPT. which is a riff on the classic sportswear fare that says "ATHLETIC DEPT." (even when said athletic department doesn't even exist and the clothing company just made it up like a bunch of big fat liars.) We also have our now infamous thumbs-up swish (it's like a swoosh but very very different.) As well as one of the key phrases of our campaign, and of your so-called sporting 'career': WIFL (Winning is for Losers) printed on the arm. 

Plus you get a bonus Unathletic Thumbs Up label sewn on and everything. I mean what is not to love here, people? 

In summary

- Unathletic


- Thumbs?


Cotton / polyester brushback fleece blend. Try saying that five times in a row at 7am with Craig Jones in Tokyo.

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