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Loser Bucket Hat

Loser Bucket Hat

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There's a subtle message here, for those who can see it. It's to do with unwinning, and hats. Bucket hats, specifically. Only really intelligent people will understand this. 

To fully embrace the meaning of this hat will require great sacrifice. First, you must purchase it. Then, you must wear it - hat hair be damned. Lastly, you must be ready to deal with the consequences of wearing such a hat - a reduced burden to succeed, less chance to mate with your desired partner, and a greater propensity to step on upside down plugs (really painful.) 

Finally, this is the perfect hat to wear at a sporting event - it lets people know that either a) you tried and failed or b) you didn't even bother trying. Have you seen that Jocko Willink clip? Me neither. BAD!

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