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Loser Tee

Loser Tee

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 From a distance, this is a cool sports t-shirt. Understated, made from quality materials, and with a logo print that bears a passing resemblance to the world's biggest sports brand (KAPPA). Once you get within spitting / clawing range, however, the true genius of the shirt magically appears: It says LOSER on it, hahahaha. And the tick is actually a little Unathletic style thumbs-up. That is because you are a loser. But that's fine! We all lose in life, sometimes. Especially those who win all the time - they are the biggest losers of all, they just do a great job of hiding it. 

Plus, self-deprecation is the new self-aggrandisement, apparently!

Note: This is an "OVERSIZED" tee. Meaning it is fashionable AF. It also means it's a little bit big, so order regular size if you are fashionable, or order a size down if you want it to fit like your Dad's t-shirt.

Cotton / Poly blend heavyweight oversized shirt

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