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Murder Pyjamas Tote Bag

Murder Pyjamas Tote Bag

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Honestly there is nothing worse than going to jiujitsu and trying to carry your gi top, gi pants, Steroids bottle, white belt (lol), tight undies, spare pants, deodorant, chewing gum, finger tape and tissues (for your tears) with no container or bag. They just constantly fall out of your weak little no-gi fingers. Up until now, there was NO SOLUTION to this problem. There just wasn't! But now there is! We invented the Tote Bag (TM). Which is a bit like a backpack, only for the side bit of your body, and also much smaller and less robust (TM). 


But anyway, this tote bag is perfect for carrying your murder pyjamas and some accessories in. It has the added bonus of letting people know you're a badass, but have a sense of humour. You can also carry your murder lycra in it, or even just plain old shopping, including protein powder, bananas, lightbulbs, a newspaper, and three marshmallows and a rechargeable torch, but not live animals. Except for very small ones. Shoes also. Thank you.

100% cotton 

Printed in the UK 

Approx 44 x 44cm 

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