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No Technique Rashguard

No Technique Rashguard

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 Helium Gracie once said "If something isn't working, do it harder. And if that doesn't work, do it faster. And if that doesn't work, do it harder AND faster, and more harderer." He was talking about his maid. Read that again.

If you've ever been tapped out during jiujitsu, it's because of one reason and one reason only. You were not strong enough. More pushups (at least 5), more situps (maybe 20) and do that at least every week. Come back and see me when you look like the cast of the original Predator (which is the only movie that counts in that series, literally none of the others even exist.) 

Size L fits approx 78 - 82KG, 178 - 186 tall.

Average rashguard sizing. 

Polyester / Spandex blend, made in China.
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