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"Satan" Patch

"Satan" Patch

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Remember in the 90s in jiujitsu when everyone used to wear "JESUS" patches? Even when fighting in the middle east, dicey dicey! As an avowed Satanist, this really used to rub me the wrong way. Just kidding, as a Satanist, I have extremely high levels of inner peace and nothing ruffles my feathers. Just kidding again, I am not actually a Satanist, however, I thought it would be flipping hilarious to make patches that say SATAN on them, and make them look just like the 90s patches that all the BJJ legends used to wear! 

So now you can profess your love for the Dark Lord, either ironically or unironically. Whatever, man, it's your choice, no judgement. 

16cm wide merrowed edge woven patch. 

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