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Unathletic Herb Grinder

Unathletic Herb Grinder

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We often hear about athletes "grinding". It sounds wonderful to me. But what does that actually mean? Literally nobody - NOBODY knows. It's a mystery, with vaguely sinister overtones. I think it was invented my Nike as a marketing slogan, and nobody ever questioned it. But not to worry! We've discovered a good post-hoc rationalisation here - it's something to do with herbs. Daily grinding (of herbs) is great for your jiujitsu (or whatever sport you pathetically attempt to do.) 

This is a 60mm wide herbal grinder, nice and big, just right for big, um, herbs. It has loads of compartments - one for grinding, one for catching said grinded (or ground, if you prefer) herbs, one for shaking off the herbal particles, even comes with a miniature shovel for shovelling up the little particles and putting them in, um, cakes. Probably.

High quality aluminium alloy grinder. Comes in a box, yeah? 

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