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Unathletic Rashguard

Unathletic Rashguard

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Wow here it is! Your chance to finally show the world how UNATHLETIC you are, ironically while doing actual sports like jiujitsu! Isn't it ironic? It's like a thousands spoons when all you need is a knife, and something about a wedding, and Canada. Haha, I love irony. 

This is a turbo-ultra high quality (technical term) rashguard which is perfect for wearing during jiujitsu or anything else that requires skin-tight polyester, such as tube-surfing (I just made that up.) If you look closely the now ICONIC Unathletic Thumbs also make an appearance down the side, enlarged and elongated for extra effect. Plus the shoulder print says LOSER with a tick and a thumbs up. I am not sure if this will be more awesome to display to people after you win a match, or if you lose one. In any case, I will be laughing! And at you, not with you.


Polyester / Spandex blend, made in China.
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