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"Chump" Tee

"Chump" Tee

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The Champ is Here! The Champ is Here! 

This is that same energy, except instead of champ, it's chump! (Which is you, you are the chump.)

Unathletic allows you to perfectly masquerade as a big ol' sports fan, but when people look closely, they realise you're actually much deeper than that - you're hella self-deprecating and you have a brilliant sense of humour. You're sensitive, down to earth. You like muesli and may have adopted a dog from an animal shelter in the past. I have no idea what I am writing. 

Features a classic American SPORTS-style UNATHLETIC logo on the front, which just goes KACHONK right into your brain with a "sports" sound, and some big 'n' chunky text on the back, all deliciously screen printed softly into a classic grey marl heavyweight tee. 

Note: This is an "OVERSIZED" tee. Meaning it is fashionable AF. It also means it's quite big, so order regular size if you are fashionable, or order a size down if you want it to fit like your Dad's t-shirt.

100% cotton heavyweight oversized shirt, printed in the UK.

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