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Holy Trinity Rashguard

Holy Trinity Rashguard

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The Holy Trinity of Jiujitsu Advice. Honestly, there is nothing a shark doesn't know about jiujitsu, or life in general, really. Plus, if you think about it, with our mobile phones, electric cars and motorised shopping carts, we are pretty much the same as the samurai who roamed ancient Japan millions of years ago. And lions? Don't get me started on them. If I had a penny for every time a lion gave me a piece of life-changing advice, I would have sooo many pennies. Dozens of them. At least. 

Remember guys: 

"Hard times create weak time. Strong time is bad. Bad time create weak strong, something something ice bath, and stem cell hormones. OSS"


Size L fits approx 78 - 82KG, 178 - 186 tall.

Average rashguard sizing. 

Polyester / Spandex blend, made in China.
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