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"Not Steroids" Shaker

"Not Steroids" Shaker

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I would NEVER take steroids. Not only do I not know anyone who deals steroids (bummer), but they are super icky and bad for you and mostly used by devil-worshippers.

Choose this Not Steroids protein shaker to make sure everyone knows you are NATTY. It's especially useful for black belt world champions - you can just sip on this while making prolonged eye contact with USADA or WADA or IBJJF officials prowling around holding a piss cup looking for victims. That way everyone knows that what you are taking is NOT STEROIDS and even if it was, you are not to blame because you didn't realise there were steroids in the container. 

Jokes aside, this protein shaker is LEGIT AF and has a shit-load of compartments that I can't even keep track of, perfect for keeping all your holistic vegan macrobiotic gluten free sun ripened grass finished pills and powders in. Or if you're Unathletic like me, just a bit of tasty chocolate protein powder that is literally pointless because I just ate five jaffa cakes and will likely eat five more before the evening is done. 

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