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'Roids Bumbag

'Roids Bumbag

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This bag is ESSENTIAL for any World Champions who want to absolutely WRECK SHOP at a small local tournament. Just pack the essentials in here and remember to tren hard, eat clen anevar give up. Also, you should take LOADS of Steroids. They help you get bigger and stronger! And be more aggressive (bicep emoji!) 

Remember, roids are NOT cheating! Why? Because some other people take them! It doesn't matter about any "rules" or "guidelines" or international regulations?! So now we are all cleared up, go absolutely wild and heart / gonad problems be damned. 

I double dare you to wear this at your next comp. 

- Lightweight bum bag 

- 600D polyester

- Gentle hand wash recommended (especially after go pee pee) 


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