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'Roids - Performance Enhancing Drinks Flask

'Roids - Performance Enhancing Drinks Flask

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Role play as your favourite jiujitsu guy or girl with this incredible STEROIDS vacuum flask! Laugh uproariously as you guzzle your 'special water' from the sidelines, winking cheekily at your Brazilian (or American! No discrimination here.) instructor, who gazes at you with a slightly bemused look on his face that kind of turns into a sneer when he finally reads what's written on the side of the bottle. 

Who's on steroids these days? EVERYONE! Old men? Check. Teenage boys? Check. Your coach? CHECK! The unreasonably strong Polish man who only comes on Wednesdays and tries to snap your bones in half? CHECK!! 

Once upon a time, steroids were illegal. Then they were banned! Then, 'frowned upon'. After that, they were 'naughty', then 'okay I guess', now they are AWESOME! 

This is a heavy duty big boy vacuum flask, 40 ounce or just over one litre capacity, and because it's a vacuum thingy, it means it keeps your cold stuff cold and your hot stuff hot - which sounds scientifically impossible to me but apparently that's how it works. 

Pls note this is a novelty product and Unathletic does not condone the use of steroids, UNLESS you really really want to win all your karate matches in the gym, then it's fine. 

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